In September 2016 a group of powerful 5th graders at Village Leadership Academy began a campaign to memorialize victims of police violence in Chicago. The 5th graders researched methods to humanize victims and positively impact their community with their teacher, Bianca Jones. As the class developed their ideas they discovered Rekia Boyd...


A documentation of major events spanning the duration of the campaign


Read some of the organizers' most compelling speeches.


Aaron H.

Anthony R.

Brooklyn P. 

Cameo R.

Eric W.

Justin B.

Kirk K.

Omar E.

Preston B.

Robert J.

Zion T.


Aryn P.

Aubrey C.

Brooks L. 

Caleb H.

Camille B.

Chyla L.

Dashawn S.

David D.

Enrique H.

Gorgeous D.

Imani K.

Jahiem G.

Jamila H.

Jazzmin J.

Jonathan D.

Juan M.

Ma’Kayla A.

Melissa R.

Mia L.

Michael B.

Morgan B.

Mya L.

Raniya T.

Rayne W.

Perez K.

Tiana W.

Xandria P.

Zahir M.

Zari Y.


Dayo Harris

Principal of Village Leadership Academy

Bianca Jones

Jennifer Pagán


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