Youth organizers are the engine of this movement, as their determination was the mechanism that drove this campaign. VLA provided the institutional and pedagogical framework, and adult educators facilitated youth development, analysis, and participation, but it was our young people who persevered until the battle was won. 


As we reflect on this victory, it is clear that success would have been impossible without the efforts of our collaborators. This list of journalists, historians, organizers, artists, and fierce advocates understood the potential and power of our campaign from inception. 


To our gracious co-conspirators, please know that your commitment to recognizing our work, telling our story, spreading the word, teaching, documenting, directing, and designing transformed our existence and propelled this charge. You are part of the reason North Lawndale now hosts a monument that reflects our liberation.

Beauty Breaks

Cai Thomas

Cherie Travis

Chicago Freedom School

Chicago Votes

Elizabeth Todd-Breland

Friends of the Park

Guy Mount

North Lawndale Community Coordinating Council

Jake “JB” Brode

Jeremiah Shalo

Kaleb Autman

Kelly Hayes

Lyrical Lemonade

#LetUsBreathe Collective

Pascal Sabino

Sheila McNary

Wisdom Baty

University of Chicago Reparations Working Group

Supported by: The Field Foundation and NeXt Doc

History and Timeline: Natalie Frazier Photographs: Kaleb Autman and Isiah ThoughtPoet Veney Graphic Designs: Jake “JB” Brode and Jeremiah Shalo  Website Design: Nuree Kim Biographies of Historical Figures: Dr. Guy Mount and University of Chicago Reparations Working Group Produced by: Cai Thomas and Bianca Jones